Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Boost Your Blog Friday!


For those of you new here, it's very simple.. the only rule is: no rules!! That's right!! This blog-hop is supposed to be a boost in our blogs' asses... friends-wise:)!!
So just make sure you link with us, follow us as the host (and leave us a comment so we know you follow us and return the love back:) and then feel free to follow whoever you want to, leave nice comments, send them love notes and chocolate boxes *WOW scratch that last part:P* and don't forget to do the happy dance!

If you join with us on Boost My Blog Friday, please take your time and leave a comment, so we know you're participating with us and maybe pay you a visit:) Thanks!

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And as always, today we have another question for you:
Where do you ladies do your eyebrows: at home or at a beauty salon?

I get my eyebrows done at the beauty salon. If I
tried to do them at home I would mess them all
up and end up looking like I'm surprised all the
time. lol!


  1. Morning :D
    Although it's Saturday I am still Friday blog hopping, there are so many hops on a Friday now I don't know whether I am coming or going.
    Hope you have a great week. Please pop by and say hello if you have a few minutes.
    Helen x

  2. Hi Tanya! Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I am gladly following back. I love the survey junkie badge, I am one too. :) Good luck getting to 50 follower, it will happen quicker than you know. If you clicked the like button on my blog for Facebook it may not have worked. Its all still a work in process even over a year later. ;) I am looking forward to reading more great stuff from your blog, best wishes!!

  3. I am visiting and following via Java's Follow Friday.
    Just a little late but I am follower #30!

  4. I left you a comment on my blog but going to leave you one here. I am frustrated. For some reason on blogs (any but my own) when I try to join a site through GFC, it has me as my husband's account. He is logged out but still shows up and it won't let me switch users. I am trying to friend you and will as soon as I can get an answer to this.