Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Boost Your Blog Friday!

Hi everyone it's time to link up
again on Boost Your Blog Friday!
If you would like to link up click
the pic in the side bar. Enjoy!


For those of you new here, it's very simple.. the only rule is: no rules!! That's right!! This blog-hop is supposed to be a boost in our blogs' asses... friends-wise:)!!
So just make sure you link with us, follow us as the host (and leave us a comment so we know you follow us and return the love back:) and then feel free to follow whoever you want to, leave nice comments, send them love notes and chocolate boxes *WOW scratch that last part:P* and don't forget to do the happy dance!

If you join with us on Boost My Blog Friday, please take your time and leave a comment, so we know you're participating with us and maybe pay you a visit:) Thanks!

 225 entries so far... you're next!

I don't care  for peanut butter but if 
I did it would be Smooth! The crunchy
kinds tears up your bread and makes 
the jelly all crunchy...yuck!

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