Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Affiliate Programs?

Is it just me? Or do affiliate programs really work?
I've tried my hand at a few and they just don't seem
to be working for me. Let's take Edens Fantasy for
example. Okay I signed up with them a few weeks 
back. Now you think that once you sign up you'd
get your code and they would send you or whoever
wants to purchase something to a different page,
right? So not the case....they send you to the home
page. Once there I'm totally lost. Can't find where
I'm suppose to from there. Am I doing something 
wrong? I've been having  problems with another 
company I signed up with. Until this day I don't
know if anyone ever purchased anything from 
them through my affiliate link. Why? because 
I could never find the page that I'm suppose to
go to find my activities,earnings, or whatever to 
figure that out.  Now I've been hearing a lot of
great things about affiliate programs and wanted
to try them out but, honestly I'm getting discouraged. 
Anybody else having these problems? Can you give
me some advice on what I'm doing wrong? Have you 
been having problems? Have you been successful with
them? Help Me Please!!!!!:0)