Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another(Guest Post)By Brittany B.

I was so thrilled when Tanya asked me to do a guest post for her amazing site! She asked me to compile a list of ways for her readers to save money and make money while blogging. While I’m not “extreme couponer” (although I secretly wish I was) I do enjoy finding discounts any way I can!
I’m sure most everyone has heard of Groupon. I love me some Groupon! All you do is visit their site and list your e-mail address and BOOM you get daily e-mails about local deals near you! From everything like restaurants, movie tickets, helicopter tours, scuba diving lessons, rock climbing, etc. Groupon will find a discount! And the great thing is, most of the time you can use that discount at any time during the span of a year! I have been told that the site Living Social is very similar to Groupon. I haven’t signed up yet, but it’s definitely something worth looking into!
The site Southern Savers is pretty amazing as well! This lady goes through all the circulars every week and lists the best deals at each store. Not only that but she combines them with coupons! She sets up different scenarios where she lists the sale price, pairs it with a coupon or two and shows you the final cost! You can create your grocery list on her site using her scenarios, and click and print the coupons! She is one amazing woman!
I have recently signed up to be an affiliate with Amazon. If you use blogger, you just follow the simple steps under the “monetize” section on your dashboard. Amazon will give you an affiliate ID and you can easily link up products in your posts to their site. If someone clicks the link and proceeds to make a purchase, you get compensated! How much you ask? I’m not sure, I’m still new at it. But it’s worth a shot, right? Every little bit helps!
There are other sites that you can be listed on to get the opportunity to do product reviews. Sites like Social Spark, Clever Girls Collective, Double Duty Divas, Lady Bloggers Society, SheBlogs, etc. They are all sites that have a great reputation with big name clients. Once your application is accepted you will receive e-mails updating you on product review opportunities. It’s a great chance to earn a little extra cash while doing what you love!
Hope this helps!
Brittany is a single mom and full time Certified Nursing Assistant, who loves the men in her life, her three year old son and 80 year old patient! She blogs over at Changing Diapers and Taking Names.

Here are the links! Go check em out!:0)


Living Social

Southern Savers


Social Spark

Clever Girls Collective

Double Duty Divas

Lady Bloggers Society

She Blogs

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Changing Diapers and Taking Names

Thanks Again Brittany for this lovely
guest post!:0)

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