Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random Walgreens Haul!!!

Here are a few things I picked
up at Walgreens(clearance rack)
Most of the stuff I gave away in
a Goodie Bag and the rest I kept.

I would love to see some of
your random hauls! Post the
links here if you have any!:0)



  1. Very cool! I'm following you from the "Follow Me I Follow You" Blogaholic Network! I love your blog....maybe you can follow me too on my blog/etsy shop! Thanks, Jenn :-) - I have links here to all the stuff I"m selling on Etsy!

  2. Hi! I'm following you now from Blogoholic! Are those rainbow toe socks?! Love them! =)

  3. Your newest follower from the "Mingle with Me" Blog hop. I just cleaned out Kmarts clearence isle (although didn't blog about it). They had tons of kids toys (gd stuff not the crappy stuff) for $2-$3. They were cleaning it out for back to school. I felt like we won the lottery. Storing it for Cmas! Hope you can stop by sometime!