Thursday, April 26, 2012

The New Blogger...Yay or Nay?!

I'm going to go with a BIG HELL NAY!!!!!
I don't know I wasn't to crazy about the old
blogger but I really don't care for the new
one. I don't like the new layout or that you
have to see all this extra stuff on the dash
board...blah just leave it like it was. In my
opinion we don't need all the extras. What
 do you think Yay or Nay?


Where do you put the tags?


  1. I found the labels off to the right hand side when you're creating your blog post. I'm annoyed that I set the entry to post later in the day and it posted immediately anyway. Not happy about THAT at all!

  2. Thanks 4 telling me where the labels are.
    I didn't know you could post an entry later
    in the the day. That'd be great if it actually
    worked. Thanks 4 commenting Barb!:0)

  3. initially, when it was unvieled, I always ran for the older interface but now I have just got used to it but its not exactly friendly in many ways. but, in some ways, its good!!! the labels, scheduling, metasearch description and all are on the right side of the post. you can do a bit of googling to find out about its features.

  4. @ Swati Murti... It use to be so simple
    though. Oh well I guess I'll have to make
    the best of it. Thanks 4 commenting!:0)