Saturday, April 7, 2012

WordPress or Bust! lol!

Hello everyone! I haven't been on in awhile
I've been busy,busy, busy! I have some questions
about WordPress. Anyone who has WP is it easy
to use? Why do you have to download it? Is it
better than Blogger? Do you have to pay for it?
I noticed that you can get more with it than with
Blogger. Do you have to pay for those features, or
pay more? I know that's alot of  questions but any
help would be appreciated! Thanks!:0)


  1. hey Tanya...wordpress has two things - one is own domain availability for which yu have to download and another is just like blogger on which you can host your blogs with the domain name of just like owning a domain name does cost a lot in wordpress but it also allows many things for free in just like blogger but the main disadvantage is that wordpress gives hard templates for use and you can't tweak them according to your needs as such like in blogger!!! some things are free where as there are templates for which you can pay in wordpress. hope this helps :)

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